Public Policy Day is a core component of the National Summit for Educational Equity, and takes place on Wednesday of the NSEE. Expect to hear from leaders from Congress and the Administration, as well as policy advocates, about legislation and policies related to access, equity, and diversity in education and the workplace. During the afternoon, we invite you to visit with your members of Congress to discuss these issues and influence change.

US Capitol Building with cherry blossoms on treeBringing NAPE’s Agenda to Capitol Hill

The morning begins with a brief, early morning bus ride to the U.S. Capitol where NSEE participants will enjoy a light breakfast and pick up their congressional policy packets. We will then be joined by leaders from both the U.S. Congress and the Administration to learn about current legislation and policies related to equity, and diversity in education and the workplace.

From mid-day until 5:00 pm, NSEE participants are encouraged to visit their Members of Congress – scheduling their appointments prior to their arrival to Washington, DC.

Using your voice is the most influential way to inform and enlighten policymakers about NAPE’s policy platform on education and workforce equity.

NAPE provides an Advocacy Toolkit to its members to assist them in preparing for congressional visits at home or while they are in the Nation’s capital. When you register for the NSEE you become a member of NAPE and have access to all the member-only resources on the NAPE website, including the Advocacy Toolkit. If you don’t have a user name and password for the NAPE website yet, just click on Get a Password on the Log in page.

Gordon-Brown-at-the-US-Cn-001[1]To make congressional office outreach easier, NAPE’s Advocacy Toolkit provides NSEE participants with congressional office website links for the House and Senate, staff contacts for the House Committee on Education and Workforce and the Senate Help Committee; and a ‘how to’ webinar on Meeting With Your Member of Congress: Preparing for NSEE’s Public Policy Day to assist in scheduling office appointments with Members of the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and congressional staff.

NSEE participants are also encouraged to schedule appointments with their federal agency contacts at the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor to share NAPE’s equity and education policy platform.

NAPE requests NSEE participants to ‘document’ their congressional and federal agency visits, using the forms provided in NAPE’s congressional policy packets. 

Transportation is provided to the Public Policy Day events on Capitol Hill from the Westin Hotel. Participants are invited to spend the afternoon meeting with members of Congress in the afternoon. For tips on getting back to the hotel that afternoon, please review the travel page.