Bring home the supplies you need to improve access, equity and diversity at your school or institution! The NAPE Store will be open Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We invite you to stop by and view our new materials, and expanding portfolio of products and services.

What will be available for purchase? storeArtboard 3v1

  • Turnkey Implementation Toolkits – $20 to $30 / regularly $25 to $55
    • $20 Explore STEM Careers
    • $20 Explore Nontraditional Careers
    • $20 Realizing Potential with Mindset
    • $25 Inspiring Courage to Excel through Self-Efficacy
    • $25 Ensuring Equity in Problem-Based Learning
    • $30 Eliminating Barriers through Culturally Responsive Pedagogies
  • Infographic Posters – $5 / regularly $18.50
    • We also have tubes you can purchase to help you get the posters home.
  • Kudos Cards – $20
  • NAPE Lapel Pins – $6
  • NAPE Lanyards – $6
  • Mindset Coffee Mug – $15
  • Books by featured presenters – varies

We can accept all major credit cards and cash.

NAPE’s 24/7 Online Store


For the 2018 NSEE, conference attendees were able to pre-purchase vouchers (when registering) to use at the NAPE Store at the NSEE. Pre-conference sessions also came with a voucher.

Vouchers offer cost savings on NAPE resources and materials. Each voucher can be used in exchange for:

  • 1 toolkit (excluding the brand new Eliminating Barriers through Culturally Responsive Pedagogy)
  • 4 posters
  • 1 set of Cards
  • 1 NAPE coffee mug and a lanyard
  • 3 lanyards

Voucher “Fine Print”

  • Vouchers and discounts are good only at the NAPE Store at the NSEE.
  • While we will do our best to have a large stock of options, materials in the store are available while supplies last. If you intend to purchase a large quantity of a specific item, please contact us in advance so that we can be sure to have enough in stock.
  • Shipping is NOT included. Shipping materials will be available for an additional fee at the NAPE Store.




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