button-download-workshop-filesStrand: Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Session IV: 3:15 – 4:15 PM


Recent research in Utah has revealed that women in STEM degree programs and careers often feel isolated and excluded through intentional and unintentional messaging. This presentation will highlight how educational and community leaders can empower prepared women to effectively define their earned space within the STEM community.


THACKERAY_SUSAN_2017Susan Thackeray, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor
Utah Valley University

Biography: Dr. Susan L. Thackeray is an Assistant Professor, Technology Management in the College of Technology and Computing at Utah Valley University. She has over twenty years of demonstrated administrative leadership in industry and education that includes international and domestic higher education instructional design, distance learning development, usability testing, workforce development, and team organization/training. Dr. Thackeray is noted nationally for the innovative UVU Business Engagement Strategy Career Pathways model to prepare and transition students efficiently into the workforce. Susan is currently the Utah state lead for the National Alliance for Partnership in Equity-STEM Equity Pipeline Project. She is the honored recipient of the Utah Women Tech Council innovation award for Educational Excellence. Dr. Thackeray holds a doctorate from Northeastern University, Boston with a research focus of underrepresented populations in STEM.

THACKERAY_LYNN_ROY_2017Lynn Roy Thackeray, Ed.D.

Lecturer, Computer Science
Utah Valley University

Biography: “Dr. Thackeray’s professional background includes twenty-five years of progressively responsible positions in software and systems development, IS, and technology management and senior technical leadership. He has real world experience of creating enterprise level software solutions for a number of different industries, including mobile and web based products. Dr. Thackeray has received industry notice for developing an Agile Scrum project management methodology combined with a test-driven software development life cycle (SDLC) process that he has used to successful manage several enterprise level projects.
Dr. Thackeray’s academic experience includes over eight years as a university level instructor. He has taught Computer Science courses both on-line and in the classroom, with emphasis on software design and architecture, and web development. He has developed the curriculum for mobile applications development and advanced Object Oriented Programming courses.”


Recent research conducted through Northeastern University by UVU College of Technology and Computing faculty Dr. Lynn Thackeray and Dr. Susan L. Thackeray suggests that subtle messaging of exclusion occurrs within the educational system and often continues into professional settings where women are underrepresented. The research outcomes identify five focused approaches to retain and effectively support women in STEM degree programs and careers. The workshop will present the findings from two Northeastern University Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis studies conducted during 2015 and 2016 that document successful women in STEM degree programs and careers. The findings highlight what the participants did to persist and succeed in STEM environments where messages of exclusion were present. In addition to the findings, the researchers will share identified interventions to support and retain women in STEM degree programs and careers. Supportive group activities, handouts, data, and best practices will be shared with the workshop attendees.


Administrators, faculty, staff, community, and industry partners