LangworthyAnnissa_PIC_2015Assistant Professor of Biology/Anatomy and Physiology, Stark State College

Annissa R. Langworthy earned her MS in biology from the University of Akron in 2006 in human and animal physiology. She is an Assistant Professor of biology/anatomy and physiology at Stark State College in North Canton, Ohio. In 2011 she began working in the state of Ohio as part of the STEM Equity Pipeline and began attending professional development institutes organized through NAPE. Through her affiliation with NAPE she became the site lead for Micromessaging to Reach and Teach Every Student Training at Stark State, where 25 Stark STEM faculty participated. In 2015 she joined NAPE as an apprentice instructor for training to deliver Micromessaging training across the nation. She attributes what she has learned from NAPE as the main reason for her receiving the 2014 Stark State College’s Distinguished Teaching Award. She was also the 2015 NAPE Rising Star award recipient.