Debjani Biswas Photo 2014 (1024x1024)Debjani Mukherjee Biswas is the author of Unleash the Power of Diversity (AuthorHouse 2013) and has spoken at the last three NAPE Professional Development Conferences and Summits. Unleash the Power of Diversity was a 2014 NAPE Book Club Selection.

Ms. Biswas is a National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) Woman of the Year recipient and recently completed a US Barnes & Noble book tour. She is an international speaker, business strategist, and the trusted advisor to CEOs and global leaders. A Chemical Engineer from IIT, she also holds an MBA in Marketing and a MS in Organizational Strategy and International Management. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner, who consults with leaders around the world on leadership and diversity solutions.

Ms. Biswas’ executive and global corporate experience, coupled with an engineering and management background, results in her innovative, cutting-edge approach. Her application of engineering principles of data harvesting and pattern recognition to emotional intelligence and behavioral change is powerful and unique. A STEM Advocate, she is on the Board of Directors of her engineering alumni association IIT-NT, an active volunteer and a NAPE Diversity consultant.

2017 Sessions

Keynote Speaker

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TitleIQ+EQ +? = QEI The impact of Emotional Intelligence on Classroom and Workforce STEM Success


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