Are you a leader within your institution or community who is interested in adopting an equity lens but doesn’t know where to start

Are you a leader who has begun this work in small ways but needs more tools and support to continue making impactful changes in your community?

Are you a leader seeking ways to be in community with others who share your life-long commitment to centering the needs of our most vulnerable populations?

NAPE’s Leadership Institute is for you. 

We are all experts of our own realities, and we each bring our own unique lenses to the work that we do. The culmination of our lived experiences, both environmental and interpersonal, make us into the unique leaders we are today. The Leadership Institute is designed with you in mind – we are here to meet you where you are and to create a pathway that guides you into the next stage of your learning journey by putting equity at the forefront. This opportunity will encourage internal and external transformation by providing you with the space and support for personal inquiry and growth that can then translate into shifts in policies and procedures, supervision, and overall community culture.   

The Leadership Institute will feature equity leaders including Dr. Gail Christopher, an award winning social change agent who has spent decades leading national initiatives that tackle racial and ethnic disparities and whose visionary leadership, while at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, led to the Truth Racial Healing and Transformation effort for America. Dr. Christopher will join other skilled facilitators as we move through a day of participatory sessions that:

  1. Center peer-to-peer learning,
  2. Elevate traditionally marginalized voices,
  3. Build and strengthen regional and national relationships, and 
  4. Cultivate space for creating lasting change within ourselves, the institutions we lead, and the communities we live in through an aligned equity lens.  

Will you join us as we learn and grow as a collective of professionals who share a commitment to leading for equity