JirousRappJennifer_PIC_2016State Program and Pathways Manager, Colorado Department of Education

Jennifer Jirous-Rapp is the State Programs and Pathways Manager at the Colorado Department of Education, where she currently manages a state grant that awards state funds for adult education programs. In this role she is introducing adult education stakeholders and industry leaders to the importance of equity in education and industry. Previous to this, she was a Computer Information Systems (CIS) Professor at Pikes Peak Community College, where she was involved in implementing strategies that focused on gender equity and career development of college students, and a state-level Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Director with the Colorado Community College System, where she led state-level efforts to implement effective solutions to increase participation of women and other underrepresented populations in STEM. Jirous-Rapp has a BS in computer information systems, an MBA, and a PhD in educational leadership, research, and policy.