Know Before You Go

Welcome to NAPE’s National Summit for Educational Equity. Just as you would for an in-person event, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared before the Summit starts. For a virtual event, things are a little easier… for example, the dress code is way more relaxed, you don’t have to decide which pairs of shoes to pack and you control the menu options for lunch! We encourage you to explore our conference platform, Whova, to become familiar with the sessions, speakers and networking opportunities. We hope you will take advantage of all the ways to engage with other participants and the valuable learning opportunities.

How to access the Summit?

For this year’s Virtual Summit, we are using the Whova online platform. Whova will serve as your admission to the Summit and, through it, you will be able to access the events and sessions and to network with other attendees.

Whova can be used on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – you will be able to access the entire Summit on the device of your choice. Please note, livestreams and videos will only play from one device per account at the same time. You can still multitask and check out the agenda, participate in session Q&A, send messages, or view the Community Board with different tabs or devices while watching the session.

How to get started

You can access Whova via a web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone and/or you can download and install the Whova mobile app on your mobile devices and access Whova via the mobile app. Your choice!

  1. Access Whova via a web browser here >
  2. Download the Whova mobile app and access via your phone or tablet here >

All registrants should have received a personalized email with instructions on how to download and/or sign up with Whova. If you have not received that email, please first double-check your spam/junk folder and if you still cannot find it and cannot create a Whova account directly, please contact us at

Most future communications will come directly from the app, so please be sure to add to your email white list so you don’t miss anything!

It is important that you have Whova set up ahead of time so that you don’t miss anything! Please be sure to set it up and test it before Monday. 

Summit Tips and Tricks

Review the Whova Attendee Guide

  • Be sure to read through the Whova Attendee User Guide in advance to learn how to best use the app and to take advantage of all of the bells and whistles available to participants.

Preview the agenda in advance and save your seat!

Use Whova’s My Agenda feature to create a jam packed day of learning! You’ll want to be ready to head to the right session when the time comes and not miss the start because you were reading the description.

You can view the full agenda and participate in events and sessions from both the web and mobile apps. However, in order to save your seat for sessions that have capacity limits, you must use the mobile app to add a session to your personal agenda.

Please note that the breakout sessions have capacity limits so you will want to decide what sessions to attend in advance and add them to your agenda via the mobile app. The only way to save your seat is to add the session to your agenda using the mobile app .  If you are unable to attend a session that you have already added to your agenda, we ask that you please remove it from your agenda so that your seat can be used by someone else.

Be sure to use the option at the top of the agenda to change all times from Eastern to your personal timezone!

How to attend the sessions

Joining a session is easy. Five minutes before the session begins, click the “Live Stream” button either on the Whova app or the desktop version and you will be directly taken into the Zoom or WebEx room from within the Whova app – no need to log in externally. If you see a notice that you need to wait for the host to open the session, no need to worry — you will be automatically entered into the session when the host opens the room.

Remember to reserve your seat in advance, as sessions have capacity limits!

Additional technical guidance and details

Web Browsers
Whova recommends that ALL attendees using the web app use Google Chrome to access all sessions on all devices. Some streaming software may have compatibility issues with other browsers. Please be sure to set this up in advance to ensure everything is working.

Zoom Audio and Video Issues

  • If you experience audio or video issues with Zoom:
    • Re-join the session by simply refreshing the page
    • Join the livestream through the Whova Mobile App
  • If you receive the error message “Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.” Please refresh your browser. You may need to wait until the session has started for this error to fix itself.
  • Please note that you will have access to your audio and video settings through the bottom panel of the streaming window. You may need to set and/or reset your audio and video settings once in the session.

Accessing documents

Speakers have the option to add documents and resources to their session. If they have uploaded any collateral, you will be able to view it in the session description or via the document tab on the Whova app or desktop version.

Network, network, network.

For many attendees, the networking is just as important as the session. There are built-in opportunities to do some quality networking. We can’t stress this enough – use the Whova app to make the most of your virtual connections. You can post a picture of your dog or share your favorite takeaway of the day. Use the event hashtags to tweet or post your experience. A great way to network is with a virtual coffee break or meet up which can be set up in Whova.

Don’t forget to block off your calendar.

If you were going to be away from the office at the Summit, you would have your out of office message up on your email and would be present at the event. Just because your office may now be at home and you may be attending the Summit from there, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put the same boundary on your time.

How to get help

We have four ways to get assistance.


For more information and to get all the benefits of the Whova app view the Whova Attendee User Guide.