NT-Toolkit-Front-CoverPre-Conference Session 1: Time & Location

April 11, 2016, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Room: To be determined


Nontraditional careers are occupations or career fields in which people from one gender comprise less than 25% of the workforce, and many of these careers are high-demand and high-wage. These occupations and career fields are stubbornly sex-segregated because of cultural stereotypes and cultural norms that have discouraged students from pursuing them. In order for every person to be able to fulfill their potential, we must ensure equal access to and equity in educational options that lead to the entire spectrum of career choices.

NAPE’s Explore Nontraditional Careers Toolkit provides a framework with lesson plans and activities to help counselors, teachers, and administrators to increase the participation, persistence, and completion of students in nontraditional career preparation programs. In this interactive pre-conference workshop, participants will follow the framework, and explore ways that micromessages can help achieve equity in classrooms and schools to ultimately improve student participation in nontraditional pathways.

Micromessages are small, subtle, often unconscious messages we send while communicating with others, whether by voice, action, or body language. These messages can be either positive or negative, stem from our implicit biases, and affect relationships. During the workshop, we will discuss the various types of micromessages and how those micromessages impact student decisions when considering and/or selecting to enroll in courses and programs where they are underrepresented, how to encourage persistence through the use of micro-affirmations, and how to inoculate students from internalizing micro-inequities that, over time, deter students from engaging in nontraditional educational pathways.

This workshop is designed to allow educators immediate practical application for increasing personal awareness of how implicit bias manifests itself in the classroom and for creating equitable learning environments that support every student’s potential. Participate in this pre-conference session to learn how to increase access, equity, and diversity in your school’s nontraditional programs and pathways.


$99 per person, includes NAPE Explore Nontraditional Careers Toolkit

Coffee, teas, sodas, and water provided

Maximum number of attendees: 50

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