NAPE_STEM-Careers_Booklet-Page-2-only-2014_Page_01Pre-Conference Session 2: Time & Location

April 11, 2016, 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Room: To be determined


Careers in STEM are in demand, and opportunities are available for every student! Despite STEM careers being some of the fastest growing and highest paid jobs, women and people of color are significantly and persistently underrepresented in many STEM disciplines. To achieve the diversity that industry and government are calling for to grow the economy and innovate in a complex interconnected world, we must address the barriers that limit so many students from participating and persisting in these careers. In order for every person to be able to fulfill their potential, we must ensure equal access to and equity in educational options that lead to the entire spectrum of career choices.

NAPE’s Explore STEM Careers Toolkit provides a framework with lesson plans and activities to help counselors, teachers, and administrators to educate and inspire every student to consider a career in STEM. In this interactive pre-conference workshop, participants will follow the framework and be challenged to consider student, parent, and community perception of your school’s “brand” of STEM, and identify areas for improvement to ensure that you are reaching and inspiring every student to consider a future career in STEM.

This session provides research-based messaging to effectively reach and encourage a diverse group of students to consider a future career in STEM. The session will present an overview of STEM careers, introduce messages that use positive language for talking with students, and connect the messaging with tools, activities, and resources. The session will help educators learn how to talk about the wide range of career options in STEM and enable students to explore STEM career opportunities. The session provides educators new ways to talk to students about engineering and other STEM-related careers to build their self-efficacy and promote a multitude of career options.

This workshop is designed to empower educators to effectively communicate to a diverse group of students the breadth of opportunities and pathways in STEM careers, and to allow immediate practical application for creating equitable STEM learning contexts that support every student’s potential. Participate in this pre-conference session to learn how to increase access, equity, and diversity in your school’s STEM programs and pathways.


Note: This session builds on the morning pre-conference session, but can be attended as a standalone workshop.


$99 per person, includes NAPE Explore Nontraditional Careers Toolkit

Coffee, teas, sodas, and water provided

Maximum number of attendees: 50

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